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Utelite Hydro-Gro Select

Application: Soil Amending, Soil Improvement, Bio Retention

Hydro-Gro Select is lightweight, expanded shale aggregates designed for use as growing media in hydroponic and aquaponic systems. The 1/2” to 3/4” porous particles are structurally strong ensuring they will not degrade or breakdown. It can be used alone or combined with other growing substrates. It is recommended that the particles be thoroughly rinsed before use to remove any dust created during the manufacturing process.

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Utelite Soil Conditioner

Application: Soil Amending, Soil Improvement, Turf Topdressing

Utelite Soil Conditioner is pure Utelite expanded shale.  Incorporating the Soil Conditioner into heavy clay or compacted soils will provide an optimum environment for plant establishment and garden maintenance.  The Soil Conditioner’s porous texture permanently breaks up clay soil, improving drainage so roots get enough oxygen for healthy growth.

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Utelite Soil Builder

Application: Soil Amending, Soil Improvement, Planters Pots, Raised Gardens

Utelite Soil Builder is a balanced blend of Utelite Soil Conditioner and organic compost. This unique blend is specifically designed to improve heavy clay or sandy soils. When properly applied, the Soil Builder will keep the soil loose and non-compacted, allowing better penetration of air, water and nutrients encouraging deep healthy root growth. The natural organic compost found in the Soil Builder improves the soil’s natural structure and living environment creating an optimum root development zone.

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Utelite Root Zone Mix

Application: General Landscaping and Planting Soil, Raised Gardens

Utelite Root Zone Mix is a combination of Utelite Soil Conditioner, organic compost and screened loamy topsoil. When planting a new garden or installing a new landscape, this proven formulation provides excellent results, reduces water and fertilizer usage and makes routine maintenance much easier.

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