Structural Soils

Structural Soils

Whether it’s getting a tree to grow and establish in the middle of a parking lot or providing access for emergency vehicles, Utelite structural soils can help overcome the challenge.  The placement of Utelite structural soils under paved surfaces or in fire access lanes ensures adequate amounts of water, oxygen and nutrients are available for root growth and establishment.  The structural soil supports the pavement load or weight of emergency vehicles but also maintains an ideal soil environment for root establishment. 

Utelite structural soil supports loading from pavement or emergency vehicles while maintaining a suitable soil environment to support root growth and development. Common application for structural soils include urban street tree plantings, plaza tree plantings, tree islands in parking lots, fire lane and emergency vehicle access, overflow parking, event parking and related high loading areas.
  • Supports loading and root development
  • Retains moisture and nutrients
  • High water release curves
  • Excellent drainage and aeration
  • Promotes deep, strong root development

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Utelite Structural Soil

Application: Urban tree planting

Blending instructions for structural soil components specifically engineered for urban street trees.

Utelite Structural Soil Installation

Application: Urban tree planting

Installation guideline and instructions for proper placement of structural soil and tree pit backfill.

Utelite Turf Structual Soil

Application: Fire lanes, Temporary Event Parking, Overflow Parking

Blending and installation instructions for high-traffic turf areas – temporary events, grass parking, high foot traffic and maintenance vehicle access.











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